Document: Guide for Sustainable Tourism Best Practices


The Guide for Sustainable Tourism Best Practices is meant to be a facilitating tool for community businesses and for small and medium entrepreneurs to adopt specific actions that allow them take the needed steps to carry out and manage sustainable development. Sustainable tourism has been defined by the World Tourism Organization as “satisfying current tourist and host community needs, while protecting and improving future opportunities. It is seen as a guide in managing all resources, in such a way that economic, social, and aesthetic needs may be met, while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity, and life support systems.”1 Making a reality of sustainable tourism entails adopting “best practices,” namely, corrective or improved measures implemented in every area of tourist business management and operation. These actions are aimed at ensuring that the least possible impact is caused, that tourist product quality and image are improved, that business development becomes more efficient, and therefore, social and economic development does as well.


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