LED Programme: CLGF Good Practice Scheme (South Africa)


The Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) is an organisation recognised by the Commonwealth Heads of Government as the designated organisation dealing with local government issues. CLGF works to promote and strengthen effective democratic local government throughout the Commonwealth and facilitates the exchange of good practice in local government structures and services. CLGF in partnership with South Africa Local Government Association (SALGA) is implementing a Good Practice Scheme (GPS) Project which is targeting seven municipalities in five partnership projects in South Africa.

Programme Background & Rationale

The project’s focus is on Local Economic Development and it seeks to address targeted municipalities’ capacity challenges around LED. The Scheme promotes the mutual exchange learning and good practice between partner Municipalities. This is done through technical exchanges, collaborative working, pilot projects, and sharing of good practice. The project is part of the wider Commonwealth GPS which is being implemented in six Commonwealth countries namely India, Ghana, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Pakistan.


The central focus of the current phase of the GPS project is to “Improve the delivery of local authority services essential to the achievement of the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) through the spread of good practice. The project seeks to assist and enable selected local authorities in South Africa to increase their capacity to provide services vital to the achievement of one or several MDGs. The project seeks to contribute to the Good Practice Scheme’s overall purpose of “Improving capability - effectiveness, responsiveness, and accountability, in sustainable forms - of participating local authorities in target countries to serve their citizens.”

The five municipal partnership projects in South Africa are as follows (click on the links for further information on each project):

Expected Outcomes

The current Commonwealth Local Government Good Practice Scheme builds on an earlier phase of activities (2003-2008). In phase 2 the country theme in South Africa was also local economic development. The projects were also quite varied in nature, each one tailored to respond to a particular challenge expressed by the beneficiary municipalities in South Africa. The projects were partnered as follows (click on the links for further information on each project):

Some of the projects were taken forward within the framework of existing partnerships/ twinning arrangements e.g. Leeds/eThekwini and Amathole District Municipality /Glasgow City Council. These two partnerships have linked up with another South African partner to share the experience more widely.

Current Status

The five partnership projects have different themes and are at different stages of implementation. Projects are developing satisfactorily and feedback from the project partners indicate that the projects are value adding and are building the capacity of councils to deliver services to their communities for the achievement of local development and the Millennium Development Goals. So far the project has strengthened partnership working in all the project sites. The project is also broadened horizons for participating Municipalities on developing innovative ideas of solving local problems. The GPS project has led to South Africa Local Government Association to consider the policy insights around the various LED themes that the projects are addressing. Two thematic roundtable discussions around the GPS themes and an end of project dissemination workshop have been scheduled for 2011.

Theoretical Knowledge

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Practical Knowledge

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