LED Programme: The Jobs Fund


The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), on behalf of the National Treasury, invites public, private, as well as non-governmental organisations within the borders of South Africa to submit innovative proposals that will facilitate job creation and lead to systemic change within the South African economy.

All funding proposals will be competitively assessed against the Jobs Fund’s eligibility and impact criteria.

To improve efficiency, only electronic applications will be accepted.

Applicants can access the application form on the Jobs Fund website under “Applications”. A guide on how to complete the application form is also available on the website.

Funding Bodies

Programme Background & Rationale

The Jobs Fund was announced by the President during the State of the Nation Address on 10 February 2011. Following this announcement, the Jobs Fund was successfully launched in June 2011 by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and an amount of R9 billion Rand was set aside, to be allocated over a three year period, towards the realisation of the objectives of the Jobs Fund.


The objective of the Jobs Fund is to co-finance projects by public, private and non-govermental organisations that will significantly contribute to job creation. This involves the use of public money to catalyse innovation and investment on behalf of a range of economic stakeholders in activities which contribute directly to enhanced employment creation in South Africa.

To address the challenge of unemployment, South Africa requires high rates of sustained economic growth. South Africa’s macro-economic policy environment, infrastructure asset base, schooling system and regulatory frameworks are all key to growth. However, improving and reforming these factors is a long-term process.

The Jobs Fund does not intend to tackle these long-term, structural causes of low growth and unemployment on its own. Numerous government initiatives are already tasked with parts of that challenge. Nor does the Jobs Fund aim to replicate or substitute these initiatives; rather it presents an opportunity to complement these efforts with limited and short-term funding interventions.

These funding interventions will seek to overcome some of the barriers to job creation that have been identified. Some of these relate to demand for labour, some to the supply of labour and some to the broader institutional environment.

The Jobs Fund has been designed specifically to overcome these barriers by providing public funding through four “funding windows” i.e. Enterprise Development; Infrastructure Investment; Support for Work Seekers and Institutional Capacity Building.

Expected Outcomes

The Fund’s activities include planning, financing and oversight of the implementation of job creation projects. 

Current Status

The third call for proposals to the Jobs Fund is open from 03 December 2012 to 15 March 2013.

Theoretical Knowledge

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Practical Knowledge

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