Municipality: Eden District Municipality


The Eden district municipality is situated on the south – eastern coast of the Western Cape Province. It is the third largest district in the Western Cape and shares borders with four other district municipalities: Cape Winelands, Overberg, Central Karoo in the Western Cape and Cacadu District Municipality situated in the Eastern Cape.

As a Category C Municipality, the municipality comprises of seven category B municipalities and a District Management Area (DMA). The seven (7) B-municipalities are:

  • Kannaland Municipality
  • Hessequa Municipality
  • Mossel Bay Municipality
  • George Municipality
  • Oudtshoorn Municipality 
  • Bitou Municipality
  • Knysna Municipality


By analyzing the district population in relation to that of the Western Cape, it is evident that in 2009 Eden District contributed 10.6% to the Western Cape Province‟s total estimated population of 5 059 893. 

With a total household figure of approximately 46 993 and 26 786, the George and Mossel Bay municipal areas comprised the highest segment of the district’s estimated 154 970 households in 2009. Over the 13 year period the total increase in the household numbers of the Bitou municipal area from only 5 078 in 1996 to 15 029 in 2009 exceeds the stable increase being experienced in other B - municipal areas within the Eden district.