Municipality: Lepelle-Nkumpi Local Municipality


Municipal Offices
Private Bag X07
0745 Chuenespoort , Limpopo
South Africa
Phone: +27 (015) 633 4500
Fax: +27 (015) 633 6896
Limpopo ZA


Lepelle-Nkumpi Municipality is one of the local municipalities within the Capricorn District Municipality in Limpopo Province, located 55km south of Polokwane city. The municipality is pre-dominantly rural.

Important economic sectors for the Lepelle-Nkumpi Local Municipality in the Local Economic Development Plan (November 2006) and also by stakeholders in local surveys are: agriculture, mining, and tourism.

Business profile

In Lepelle-Nkumpi 86% of businesses are single firms operating only within the municipal area. About 51% of businesses employ only the owner, 40% employ less than 5 people. Only 1% of businesses employ more than 20 people. 71% of local businesses are found in the retail/trade sector and 12% provide personal services. The majority of business sells groceries, fruit vegetables, motor vehicle spares and building materials.

51% of businesses source their supplies outside the Lepelle-Nkumpi but mostly within the district.


Lepelle-Nkumpi forms part of the Platinum Mining Cluster on the Dilokong Corridor. Although a sluggish sector within the district context, Mining is a strategic sector to Lepelle-Nkumpi and has potential to act as a catalyst to stimulate further growth in the value-adding activities across the district.

Source: Capricorn LED Strategy 2010


Alongside other rural municipalities, Lepelle-Nkumpi and Molemole are marked by a very high Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) - divide. These areas are affected by factors such as illiteracy, lack of computer skills and lower household incomes that contribute to the urban-rural gap. The low penetration
and quality of fixed line telecommunication services remains a key challenge.

Source: Capricorn LED Strategy 2010