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Moses Kotane Local Municipality is one of the five local municipalities constituting the Bojanala Platinum District Municipality. The municipality was named after the late Moses Mauane Kotane, a dedicated leader and fighter for democracy and freedom in South Africa.

Moses Kotane is now classified as Category B4 Local Municipality which is mainly rural with communal tenure. Such a municipality is at most one or two small towns in their area. It is one of the five local  municipalities constituting the Bojanala Platinum District Municipality classified as Category C1.

Moses Kotane Local Municipality is bordered by:

  • Thabazimbi Local Municipality in the North, which is situated in Waterberg District Municipality
  • of the Limpopo province,
  • Madibeng Local Municipality in the east (Bojanala Platinum District Municipality, NW)
  • Rustenburg Local Municipality (Bojanala Platinum District Municipality, NW) and
  • Kgetlengrevier Local Municipality in the south (Bojanala Platinum District Municipality, NW)
  • Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality in the west (Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality, NW).

The Municipality covers an area of approximately 5220km² and is mostly rural in nature, comprising of 107 villages and 2 two formal towns of Mogwase and Madikwe. The N4 Corridor which is the east-west bound road connecting Rustenburg and Pretoria runs to the south of Moses Kotane local municipality. The R510 north-south bound road connects Moses Kotane Local Municipality to North

The municipal coat of arms contains the logo “Re direla setshaba” which in the Setswana language means “We serve the people”. This has been the main focus of the Council and its administration from the outset in 2000.

The dominant sector that drives economy is tourism which has been complimented by mining and manufacturing.

The Moses Kotane Local Municipality is mostly rural, comprising of 109 villages and two small townships of Mogwase and Madikwe. It has 30 wards. Political affairs are managed by a joint Executive committee headed by the Mayor with 60 councillors.

Mission Statement

Moses Kotane Local Municipality is a category B municipality that falls under Bojanala Platinum District Municipality. It was established in terms of the Municipal Demarcation Act (Act No 27 of 1998) after the December 2000 local Government elections.


A focused municipality that provides services to all its residents in a sustainable manner.

Mission Statement

  • To provide access to basic services to all;
  • To provide a sound, effective and efficient service delivery;
  • To provide a responsible and accountable leadership;
  • To have a community that commits itself to support development and service delivery through the Batho- Pele principle with regular payment of services;
  • To provide an improved and diversified local economic development that will reduce unemployment, poverty and bring better quality of life to all in a sustainable, transparent and integrated manner through public participation.

Municipal Development Vision and Goals

The overall development focus and priority of the Moses Kotane area is clearly described in its five year Integrated Development Plan (IDP) which were prepared in terms of Chapter 5 of the Municipal Systems Act. According to the IDP the municipal vision statement for the area is as defined as follows:

A focused municipality that provides services, to all its residents, in a sustainable manner.
In order to give effect to this municipal development vision, the key performance goals of the municipal area as defined in the IDP include the following:

Key Performance Goals

  • To ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner;
  • To provide access by all residents to Roads and Storm-water provision, water and sanitation, electricity and transport;
  • To promote a safe and healthy environment;
  • To provide services in a sustainable manner;
  • To ensure social and economic development;
  • To provide democratic and accountable government for local communities;
  • To encourage the involvement of communities and community organisations in the matters of local government


Moses Kotane Local Municipality population was estimated  at 237 175 by 2001 Census – Statistics, and present community survey 2007 project growth rate at 227 426. The Municipality has a redominantly African population with fewer  Indian,  Coloured  and  White  groups  who  are  mostly  residing  in  Sun  City  residence and  Mogwase Unit  2. Community Survey 2007 is the latest stats and will be updated as and when new statistical information becomes available by the year 2011. It should be noted that the recognized legal statistics to be used in developing IDP’s is from Census 2001 and Community Survey 2007. Community Survey however did not cover the entire Community Geographic information of households by 2001 was estimated at 61 759 and Community Survey 2007 reflects 60 557 with the same total number of dermarcated wards. The Municipality is comprised of 30 Wards and is led by Council, the Speaker, Mayor and the Executive Committee. The Mayor is the Head of Executive Committee (EXCO) which comprises  of  10  Councillors  who  are  head  of  various  departments  and  serve  in  portfolios. Total  number  of Proportional Representatives and Ward Councillors amount to 60 Councillors.

Source: Moses Kotane LM IDP 2011/2012 & Website



An estimated 18% of the population had no schooling in 2001 with only 6% of the population having grade
12.There is a significant school drop rate of pupils at primary and secondary school levels. This could be attributable to social and economic reasons. This highlights the pressure on delivery of educational services, ranging from preschool level to improvement of opportunities for tertiary education.