Municipality: Nketoana Local Municipality


13 Church Street PO Box 60
7320 Piketberg , Western Cape
South Africa
Phone: 022 913 6000
Fax: 022 913 1406
Western Cape ZA


Nketoana Local Municipality is a small local municipality situated in the Thabo Mofutsanyana DM and comprising of four towns:

  • Reitz/Petsana,
  • Petrus Steyn / Mamafubedu,
  • Lindley/ Ntha and
  • Arlington/ Leratswana.

The head office is situated at Reitz, with municipal staff in each unit for bringing the services closer to the community. The Municipality has four administration departments i.e. Corporate Services, Community Services, Technical Services and Financial Services. Nketoana Local Municipality is named after the Leibenbergsvlei River, which is Nketoana in Sesotho. The core function of the municipality is service delivery as set out in the constitution.

The Population size of the Nketoana Local Municipality is estimated at approximately 61 950 as per the STATS 2001 population distribution. Nketoana is situated in the north eastern parts of the Free State within the regional boundaries of the Thabo Mofutsanyane DM. The municipal area measures 5,598.16 km2.


An accountable governance that develops, promotes, and cultivate an integrated society through service excellence and sustainable development.


  • To render basic services in an excellent and efficient manner.
  • To promote sound and transparent financial management in accordance with municipal financial act.
  • To provide a democratic and accountable government for the local community.
  • To accelerate programmes that will help meet the socio-economic needs of Nketoana residents.

Developmental Programmes

  • The roles and impact of the community development workers:
  • The role of CDW’s is to provide active information to the community
  • Collect information on needs, problems and opportunities.
  • Identifies resource persons and organizations that can add value to government programmes.
  • Facilitate implementation coordination of intergovernmental programmes.
  • Facilitate ongoing liaison with three spheres of Government.
  • Assist with HIV/AIDS programmes.
  • Assists in implementing the Government’s mandate.

CDW’S have made a difference to lives of ordinary citizens through:

  • Offering a door to door service in their communities.
  • Providing information about government services.
  • Assist with disaster mitigation.
  • Promoting government campaigns.

Organogramm Nketoana LM

Source: Nketoana LM Website & Nketoana LM IDP 2010/2011

Critical infrastructure


Reitz-Petsana is linked to a number of surrounding urban centers via various road connections. Primary roads include provincial road R26 linking the town with Bethlehem to the south-west and Frankfort to the
north-east, as well as the R57 linking Reitz with Petrus Steyn to the north and Kestell to the south. Secondary roads, S/589 and S/74 link the town with Vrede and Warden.

The roads conditions vary from fair to very poor. There are numerous potholes that is a hazard to road users. Although the relevant provincial department constantly fixes potholes, it is not a permanent solution. The R57 between Reitz and Petrus Steyn is in the process of being rebuilt and will upgrade the road infrastructure.


The Reitz-Petsana station is situated adjacent to the industrial area and is situated on the main railway line between Gauteng and the eastern Free State. The railway line is mainly used for the transportation of goods such as agricultural products.


Reitz-Petsana has an aerodrome for light aircraft and is situated to the north of the urban builtup areas. The aerodrome does not have a tarrred runway and is mostly used by crop sprayers.


Trade & Services

Reitz has a well-developed CBD in the centre of Reitz with a variety of retail businesses and related services including agricultural suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, general dealers, hair dressers, funeral parlours, pharmacies, bakeries, professional service providers and many more.

Apart from the above formal businesses, a substantial number of business activities are also to be found in Petsana, including spaza shops, vegetable shops, backyard repair shops, panel beaters, car washes, builders, ect. 


Reitz has two industrial areas situated directly to the north of Petsana and Reitz respectively where a variety of light and heavy industries can be found. Most of these industries are however related to and in support of the agricultural sector. 


The Reitz district supports one of the most progressive and productive farming communities in South Africa, which is particularly stable and economically viable. Reitz is also home to the head office of the Free State agricultural Co-operative. It is one of the largest co-operative agricultural societies in South Africa.

The area is extremely suitable for crop farming of which maize and wheat are the most important. Also of importance is the large-scale cultivation of apples and vegetables for Woolworths South Africa. Other products produced in the area include sunflower, grain sorghum, soya, dry beans and potatoes. There are also 2 farms in the district producing roses for the market in Johannesburg as well as for the export market. Roses are produced for the whole year except in the month of July when the plants are pruned. The grain silos is situated to the east of Reitz and have a storage capacity of 100 000 tons.

Apart from the above, sheep and cattle farming also takes place on a large scale within the area.


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