Municipality: Pixley ka Seme Local Municipality


To serve, deliver and develop


Corner Laingsnek and Joubert Stree
2470 Volksrust , Mpumalanga
South Africa
Phone: 017 734 6100
Fax: 086 630 2209
Mpumalanga ZA


The Pixley Ka Seme Local Municipality is situated on the eastern border between Mpumalanga and Kwa Zulu Natal. Furthermore, the municipal area is framed by the Mkhondo Municipality in the east, Msukaligwa Municipality to the north and Lekwa Municipality to the west.

The Pixley Ka Seme Local Municipality comprises of  an area of approximately 5227, 98km² which includes the following major disestablished urban areas or towns:

  • Amersfoort
  • Ezamokuhle
  • Perdekop
  • Siyazenzela
  • Volksrust
  • Vukuzakhe
  • Wakkerstroom
  • Esizameleni
  • Daggakraal

Other residential areas include Daggakraal 1, 2 and 3 as well as Sinqobile A, B, C, and D. These two areas represent approximately 28% of the total registered voters in the Pixley Ka Seme area of jurisdiction.   

The larger region is known for its rolling grass landscapes and the Pixley Ka Seme Municipal area is a typical example  thereof. The area is situated within the Highveld Region, consisting of undulating hill landscapes of an elevation of about 1550m above sea level. To the south and south-east is an escarpment and related mountains, which provide an attractive variety to the landscape.

The town of Wakkerstroom is situated in the latter  area, and is malaria free due to its altitude.

The area drains into streams of mainly the Mahawane Stream, which in turn falls in the perennial catchment area of the perennial Buffalo river catchment area. The area consists of predominantly highveld grassland with the added attraction of an escarpment and related mountains, which provide an attractive variety of landscapes.

Organisational structure

Spatial patterns

The local settlement pattern of the various towns in the study area differs substantially. The urban form of a number  of towns are characterised by former separate development policies. An important spatial imperative of this urban form was the Group Area Act, which required the provision of separate residential areas for the different population groups. This separate development is witnessed in many of the Pixley Ka Seme Municipal area towns  such as Volksrust and Vukuzakhe. This form of segregated planning created spatially separate entities and has resulted in the lack of social integration as well as costly infrastructure and service provision and maintenance.

Volksrust together with Vukuzakhe form the largest urban settlement areas within the Pixley Ka Seme municipal area. These two areas are located in the southern portion of the municipal area of jurisdiction with other urban areas such as Amersfoort located to the north, Wakkerstroom to the east. Other urban areas include Perdekop, Daggakraal & Sinqobile. 

Source: Pixley ka Seme LM website and IDP 2009 - 2012