Municipality: Thaba Chweu Local Municipality


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Municipal Offices
Central Street Civic Centre
1120 Lydenburg , Mpumalanga
South Africa
Phone: 27 13 235 7000
Fax: 27 13 235 1108
29° 32' 3.5988" S, 31° 12' 48.7116" E
Mpumalanga ZA


Thaba Chweu Local Municipality is located in the Ehlanzeni District Municipality in Mpumalanga province.It has a beautiful countryside; it’s rich in fauna and flora and has a high rainfall as well as gold, platinum and chrome mineral resources.

Thaba Chweu Local Municipality hasa total population of 426 475 and 27 943 households.

The age profile of the municipality shows that 48% of residents are older than 65. Some 37 000 persons are eligible to work.

There is a high level of poverty with 70% of households earning less than R1 800 per month and 25% of households earn less than R 400 per month. 

In terms of education, 35.3% of the population completed Grade 12 (secondary schooling) as their highest level of education, 32.4% completed Grade 7 (primary schooling) and 5.1% completed tertiary education. More than a quarter of the population (26.8%) did not complete Grade 7 and thus do not have any completed formal educational qualification. 

Recent studies indicate that the unemployment rate in TCLM increased from 15.2% to 16.8% between 2001 and 2005.  


Thaba Chweu Local Municipality endowed with many advantages, both in terms of the unique natural characteristics of the area, as well as its strong and capable leadership. The immense beauty of its countryside, its wealth of fauna and flora, its high rainfall as well as gold, platinum and chrome mineral resources are strategic advantages that can be leveraged for the maximum benefit of the citizens of the municipality.


There is a high unemployment rate and this is further exacerbated by the fact that majority of the population is uneducated. Furthermore, people in the municipality have low incomes.