Municipality: Ubuntu Local Municipality


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Municipal offices
78 Church Street Private Bag X329
7070 Victoria West , Northern Cape
South Africa
Northern Cape ZA


The region forms a part of the Karoo area. The agriculture and tourism industries are supported by the location, topography and climate of the region. An outstanding characteristic of the Ubuntu Municipality is its scenic natural beauty and unique biodiversity, richness in plant and animal species.

A variety of minerals occur in the region yet no mining activities exist. Several applications for uranium prospecting have been submitted to the Department of Minerals and Energy.

Source: Ubuntu LM IDP 2009-2010

Critical infrastructure

The new demarcation joined Victoria West, Hutchinson, Merriman, Loxton and Richmond into a single Municipality. Victoria West, situated on the N12, is the main town. Richmond is situated on the N1. The Ubuntu Municipality resorts under the Pixley Kaseme District Municipality.

Source: Ubuntu LM IDP 2009-2010


Agriculture is the primary economic activity and includes farming with cattle, sheep, goats, game and on a small scale crops like Lucerne, fruits ect. Game farming is focused on the foreign market. Sheep are marketed for their wool and meat. Wool is an important export product of the Ubuntu Region

Tourism and eco-tourism are currently in the growth phase. Tourists are mostly seasonal
visitors to the region during vacations. Victoria West is the most important tourist center in
the region. Tourism is not yet developed in the previous disadvantage communities. There are a few tourism attractions in the region which must be marketed more intensively.

Source: Ubuntu LM IDP 2009-2010


There are only a few light industries in Ubuntu due to a shortage of water in the area.

Economic growth in the Ubuntu region is primarily retarded through its location and the lack
of or sub-standard infrastructure. Proper infrastructure can have a positive effect on all
economic sectors. 

Most of the inhabitants in the Ubuntu Region are dependent on the Agricultural sector and on Provincial or Municipal government for work. A large portion of the inhabitants are dependant of government’s social grant. The major setbacks or challenges facing the population in the Ubuntu Region are unemployment and a poor academic profile.

Source: Ubuntu LM IDP 2009-2010