Organisation: LED Knowledge




Who they are

LED Knowledge is the result of a joint effort of the ILO-LED programme team based in Geneva, and the ILO training arm, the International Training Centre, based in Turin, Italy. The OECD/LEED Programme partners with ILO on LED knowledge in the framework of the Initiative on "Employment and Skills Strategies in Southeast Asia (ESSSA)".

What is the LED Knowledge Platform?

LED Knowledge is an ILO initiative to facilitate access to resources and training materials developed by local economic development experts and practitioners at the global level with the objective of improving knowledge sharing and the exchange of experiences. The resources available in the portal are openly available to LED experts working in international organizations, government, academia, NGO’s, research centres, etc.

What can you find in LED Knowledge?

LED Knowledge provides varied information on the several resources available at the global level concerning LED. You will be able to find varied reports, case studies, training tools, fact sheets, and information about projects and initiatives around the world. You will also find information about diverse events related to LED, such as courses, conferences, workshops, etc. If you want to search about concrete topics, you can use the “tag cloud” as a reference to see how other users have tagged the resources that they have uploaded.

Who can contribute?

A wide range of users including UN agencies and partners; development practitioners at international levels; international, regional and local NGOs; national and local development agencies; and individuals with an interest in local economic development. The only request to contribute is to be registered.

How to contribute?

You can contribute to building this platform by registering and filling in the appropriate form (one per document uploaded) with accurate information related to the material that you wish to submit. You can also contribute by starting a blog or commenting an existing one. You will find instructions on how to submit documents, add projects, announce events and start blogs in the “What is in this website?” section.

What can people do with resources contained in LED Knowledge?

The resources found in LED Knowledge will enable professionals, local practitioners and individuals to share knowledge regarding LED initiatives around the world, useful documents and training tools, and learn about training events, workshops and conferences. The blog section also provides a space for professionals involved in LED projects to exchange views and experiences.