Tool: COMPASS of local competitiveness


A Compass of local competitiveness is based on the balanced score card method. The key idea is to introduce a wider, more balanced set of performance indicators that is not one-sidedly looking at financial and other economic indicators but also at other, more qualitative indicators that adress the long term growth perspective of the local economy. The elaboration of a Compass is primarily based on structured workshops with local decision makers and stakeholders. The outcome of these workshops is the definition of a set of critical success factors that can be used by the key persons of the respective innitiatives or activities to monitor the ongoing effort.

Practical Knowledge

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The Compass of Local Competitiveness: A Practical Guide
Author(s): Joerg Meyer-Stamer, Tim Hadingham
Year: 2010
Format: Practical Knowledge
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The Compass of Local Competitiveness Manual
Author(s): Sonja Ende, Anja Ruecker
Year: 2006
Format: Guidelines
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Case Study - The Compass of Local Competitiveness as a strategic entry point into a Participatory Appraisal of the Competitive Advantage (PACA), Mohale’s Hoek, Lesotho
Author(s): Sonja Ende
Year: 2006
Format: Case Study
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Theoretical Knowledge