Tool: Market Assessment Toolset for Business Development Services (BDS)


This tool provides a detailed understanding of the BDS markets as a necessary basis for preparing an overall strategy of demand oriented business development services for small and medium private businesses. This tool consists of a number of steps that identify the consumption of business services in a specific area, by business sub-sector, size or other desired catagory. First, data are recorded on the  reach and retention of services so that even if consumption levels are low, one can see if potential consumers are at least aware of the business services. The data is then used to identify potential gaps in the market by looking at sub-sectors that consider the services to be important to their business. This tool assists in giving rapid feedback on the acceptability of products and prices

Practical Knowledge

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BDS Market Development - A Guide for Agencies on the Emerging Market Development Approach to Business Development Services
Author(s): Alan Gibson, Rob Hitchins, Marshall Bear
Year: 2001
Format: Guidelines
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Theoretical Knowledge

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Market Assessment of Business Development Services Mbombela Municipality and Lukhanji Municipality
Author(s): Gareth Pearson, Lesley Coetzee, Irene De Wet
Format: Study
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