Tool: Rapid Appraisal of Local Innovation Systems (RALIS)


Rapid Appraisal of Local Innovation Systems (RALIS) is a methodology to get, within a short period of time, an overview of the main features of a local innovation system and the innovation processes along a value chain. In the wider sense, it is a rapid, practical, bottom-up, participatory and network stimulating approach to value chain development and local/regional economic development. RALIS is different from other diagnostic efforts in various aspects. A RALIS is supposed to lead to practical activities which enhance the interaction along a value chain and improve the performance in elements of the value chain.

Practical Knowledge

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RALIS in the Clothing Textile Sectors
Year: 2004
Format: Case Study
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Rapid Appraisal of Local Innovation System - Findings and Recommendations
Author(s): Larry Dolley, Jessy Van Wyk
Year: 2008
Format: Training
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Rapid Appraisal of Local Innovation Systems (RALIS): Assessing and Enhancing Innovation Networks
Author(s): Jörg Meyer-Stamer, Christian Schoen
Year: 2005
Format: Practical Knowledge
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Theoretical Knowledge

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