Tool: Toolkit: LED Demystified


LED Demystified is a toolkit that focuses on Local Economic Development in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.

The package highlights the importance of concrete LED tools for implementation in local government, and
introduces the range of tools that have been tested across South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

The target audience for LED Demystified is municipal officials and councillors who want to unlock the potential of local business by creating a better business enabling environment. The tools have been developed by the national associations for local authorities in Sweden, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana and have been tested in a select number of municipalities.

There are 6 books available:

Book 1: From Words to Action funnels the user into contextualising LED tools and argues the importance of systematic methods for improving the local business enabling environment. it gives a sense of the range of tools available before drilling down into a sample of methods piloted in municipalities across Southern Africa.

Book 2: LED Roundtables offers a method for structuring consultation and building partnership between the public and private sector as local stakeholders. There is a strong emphasis on local business and responsiveness to local economic conditions.

Book 3: Business Enabling Environment Surveys offers a survey method to quickly assess the local
business environment and start to diagnose problems. The method is designed to be carried out in-house
by the municipality, and be a simple sustainable replicable research process for municipalities of all sizes.

Book 4: Plugging the Leaks uses the analogy of the local economy as a leaking bucket, and shows how low-income communities can analyse their own opportunities and gaps for small enterprise. The method also creates awareness of the local multiplier effect and the positive impact of ‘local spend’.

Book 5: Business retention and Expansion offers a systematic approach to creating jobs by retaining and growing existing business through a partnership where business becomes better interconnected and
networked to tackle common problems. The municipality is a partner to this method and can act as facilitator.

Book 6: Develop your own LED Strategy guides municipalities on how to develop a credible strategy, and how to assess quality of strategies for implementation.

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